I am a jeweller living and working in Derbyshire from my workshop near the Peak District National Park. My current work includes the use of Shibuichi, a unique Japanese metal alloy, and  Rock a series inspired by the local limestone scenery. This page shows examples of this work, as well as current commissions.

Shibuichi (四分一)

Shibuichi is a Japanese copper alloy of 25% silver and 75% copper. It’s great to work with because it never reacts the same way to heat twice.
For the light-coloured ring pictured, after soldering the ring shank onto the main disc and then soldering 18ct gold bezel onto the right one for the black spinel stone, the metal had changed colour completely from copper coloured through to black to this lighter interesting colouration.
The darker pieces show how small changes to the process generate quite different colour patterns. Each piece is unique!

Rock ∞ 

The ring pictured consists of a little blue rose cut iolite mounted on a textured wrap sterling silver. The 18ct gold setting really enhances its beautiful colour. Other rings in this series use grey diamond, my favourite stone.

The layered earrings are overlapping reticulated sterling silver drop tube set with black cubic zirconia. An oxidised black pair with a contrasting stone are in preparation on my workbench.


I love creating jewellery to my customer’s specification. Contact me if you’d like to discuss an idea or find out more.

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Sustainability & Ethics

All the raw materials for my jewellery are ethically sourced – particularly important for precious stones. I melt down and reuse leftover metals, sometimes using the water casting method to create new organic silver shapes. Non-recyclable elements are kept to a minimum, with a target of zero-waste.

All my work is hand-fabricated and uses no pre-built components. All you see is the end result of taking raw metal + stone + design + soldering, welding, oxidising, hammering, drilling, polishing, more polishing and yet more polishing!