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June and July are set to be very busy months. I have an exhibition with Peak District Artisans (PDA) at Haddon Hall Gatehouse Gallery, over the last two weeks of this month then also with the PDA an exhibition : ‘Art at the Crescent’ which takes place alongside Buxton Fringe festival- 5th-7th July. Following that I’m showing at the PDA showcase exhibition, the Great Dome Arts and Design Fair which includes most of the PDA members. I’ve been very busy with the PDA recently in the role of membership secretary which includes recruiting new members, so if you’re reading this as an artist thinking of applying its worth taking a look at the PDA website  

As always, my work using recycled silver and gold, with ethically sourced gemstones is made with a zero waste policy. This means that each piece is a one of a kind, hand-made item that has been made with care and with concern for the environment. In the run up to Christmas, I’m also very happy to accept commissions – I make jewellery for men on a commission basis and specialise in turning unworn, often out of fashion, jewellery into something more modern and special, that the wearer will cherish.

The picture shows a slightly oval aquamarine stone set in gold with a silver band 5 mm in diameter and with a textured surface
Freeform aquamarine ring set in 18 carat gold and acid etched band.

I am a Derbyshire-based jeweller working with silver, gold, and Shibuichi – an alloy of silver and copper. From my workshop in Haarlem Mill, my work is inspired largely by the processes I use to make each piece. I use my background as a chemist to experiment with different reaction types to achieve the effects I want to create. These include reticulation, acid etching, oxidisation and electrolytic gold plating.

All my work is hand-fabricated and uses no pre-built components. All you see is the end result of taking raw metal + stone + design + soldering, welding, oxidising, hammering, drilling, polishing, more polishing and yet more polishing! I use recycled metals and only source precious stones from countries that do not use child labour or impose poor working conditions.

Over the past few years my work has developed to increasingly reflect the global situation, including climate change and conflict, and the impact of these on mental health. Many such pieces are still in various stages of development and not yet on this site. Scroll down to find out more about my inspiration, my process, and examples of my work. And please do visit my  Instagram page to see my latest finished pieces.



Cuffs Bangles and Bracelets




Examples of work progressing!

Inspiration and Design

Natural processes of decay and regrowth, industrial processes such as quarrying and their effect on the landscape,
Environmental processes of renewal and regeneration of plants and wildlife in  disused industrial sites
Ancient processes used in making jewellery such as glass trade bead production, gold smelting and granulation. 
Impacts of environmental stressors on mental health and the ability to recover. 

Shibuichi (四分一)

Shibuichi is a Japanese copper alloy of 25% silver and 75% copper. It’s great to work with because it never reacts the same way to heat twice.
For the light-coloured ring pictured, after soldering the ring shank onto the main disc and then soldering 18ct gold bezel onto the right one for the black spinel stone, the metal had changed colour completely from copper coloured through to black to this lighter interesting colouration.
The darker pieces show how small changes to the process generate quite different colour patterns. Each piece is unique!


I love creating jewellery to my customer’s specification. Contact me if you’d like to discuss an idea or find out more.

discussion and inspiration

design and feedback


Commissions are subject to my Terms of Business. By commissioning work you agree that you have read the Terms of Business and agree to be bound by them.


I run regular workshops allowing you to to earn about and practise some of the techniques that I use.
Recent workshops have provided an introduction to enameling on copper, including scraffito, and stencils to introduce pattern. More advanced workshops include enameling on silver, using cloisonne  or painting enamels to create designs. Please contact me if you would like your own bespoke workshop! 

Sustainability & Ethics

All the raw materials for my jewellery are ethically sourced – particularly important for precious stones. I melt down and reuse leftover metals, sometimes using the water casting method to create new organic silver shapes. Non-recyclable elements are kept to a minimum, with a target of zero-waste.


please contact me for more information about my work or to ask about commissions
07881 021742

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